Bedroom Design

Colour plays a major role in the interior design of a bedroom. Even though Color trends come and go, people want to create a space for themselves to reflect their personalities and preferences, so you should choose your colours accordingly.  The rule of thumb is to blend the colors harmoniously for a pleasing ambiance. Colour sets the mood of a given space so if you want some drama in your bedroom, add a hint of red to it. Red can be in form of an accent wall, a centre rug or even a piece of furniture like a bean bag or sofa at one corner of the bedroom. Blue on the other hand undeniably has a cool and calming effect in a space if the right shades and combinations are used. Yellow is welcoming and uplifting. You feel and stay lively in a room with yellow.That been said, yellow should not be used as the base colour of a colour scheme because too much of it can be overwhelming. Small proportions of it should be considered with a blend of other colours as desired.